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eco styler olive oil gel

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Eco Styler Olive Oil styling gel is made with 100% pure olive oil.  Olive oil helps the scalp naturally regulate its moisturizing system. It attracts moisture to the scalp and holds it in while also taming frizz.  Like all our styling gels, its weightless and will leave your hair with a healthy shine & superior hold.  

  • Flake free

  • Tack free

  • Anti-itch


Max hold 10/10

Hair type

Great for all types


Apply to dry or wet hair. Work desired amount through hair and style. 


16fl oz e 473ml

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love!!! – March 29, 2015

Lucille – Review provided by  Walgreens

I started using this with a leave in conditioner for my twist outs. My style lasts at least 5 days without retwisting. At night I wear a satin cap to sleep and in the morning add a little oil, shake it out, fluff and go! The argan oil works great too. Great shine and hold but still soft!


Great gel for natural two strand twists – December 27, 2012

wam587 – Review provided by  Walgreens

The best thing about it is that it comes in different brands. I use olive oil, because it has a heavier feel to me and allows my twist to swing/move freely. 


Does WONDERS! – July 18, 2014

Nari – Review provided by  Walgreens

All in all, I think this is a product worth adding to your hair regimen.


ECO STYLER Olive Oil Styling Gel – November 27, 2011

JEWAYLA – Review provided by  Walgreens

This is a great product, highly moisturizing. I like that it does not flake and you don't have to use a whole for a shiny outcome. I bought two of these to give to my friend's that have short hair. They tried mine and love the fact that there is no alcohol in it.


love the hold – August 22, 2011

naturaldiva757 – Review provided by  Walgreens

i was interested in this gel because alot of the naturals on the web are using now. it is alcohol free and non drying. one issue for me is it makes my hair take a little longer time drying than just with moiterizer. it is compatible with my shea butter mixture i use. i usualy use it when i do small 2 strand twists.


Excellent for natural hair types (s type curls) – July 26, 2011

Au Natural Ebony – Review provided by  Walgreens

Great for natural styles on S and Z type curls. Keeps unrully frizzy dry curls tame and shiney. A must for "the big chop" as well as natural styles growing to long manes.
Suggestion: if using daily, a good rinse with cold water before each new application will keep hair fresh and loose without being weighed down with product.


ECO STYLER – April 27, 2013

Gerlinda P. – Review provided by  FamilyOTC

ITS really good and the price was well worth it I liked the whole process a lot.


Great product – December 1, 2011

nyasha02 – Review provided by  Walgreens

I love this product. It works wonders with twists.

Review: Olive Oil Styling Gel – May 13, 2011

loveit – Review provided by  Walgreens

Works great on natural hair!